Branding Your Business Successfully

Branding Your Business Successfully

Written by Bryan McCoury on 01/15/16

So, what exactly is branding? Branding means creating and establishing a unique brand name and image in the mind of consumers that portrays what your business is about. Branding your business properly can help you be successful and create a recognizable business that will continue to grow. Here are our 3 crucial steps to creating a successful brand:

Establish a Vision

You can't know how to get somewhere if you don't know where you'd like to go. Define your brand and know where you'd like to take your business. Establish short term and long term goals. Know who your target customers and target market are.

Be Consistent

Often times, if business owners are not sure of their business' direction or definition, they can be seen branding and re-branding too often to try and increase success. Re-branding too often can give customers a wishy-washy image of your brand. It is important to choose a brand image and stick with it. Make sure all brand elements align with the brand image - logo, colors, images, website, business cards, storefront, etc. Consistency creates brand recognition in the mind of consumers.

Be Bold - Set Your Brand Apart

What makes your business different? Whatever that may be, let your consumers know! Don't just plaster your logo all over everything. Get bold and daring in your marketing efforts. Get social with your customers. Create and keep up social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. These platforms allow you to express your brand in non-traditional ways while opening up engagement and communication on a social level.

At Rusty Hook Marketing, it is our business to brand yours. Take a peek at one of our recent projects. We partnered with Salty Catch Seafood Company of Beaufort, NC, to create a new logo that truly defined the brand image they were going for. As a wholesale and retail provider of fresh, sustainable seafood, it was important to capture a coastal, rustic, farm(or sea)-to-table feel. Once the logo was finalized, we developed a responsive web design that really shows the details of the business. Images of shrimp boats, the fishermen themselves and southern seafood recipes all align with the Salty Catch brand. If you take a look at the Salty Catch Seafood Company Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages, you will see that all brand elements align with the image that Salty Catch is working hard to establish.

Don't keep wading around in uncertain waters of your business' brand. Let Rusty Hook Marketing take your brand to the next level. Our branding and marketing experts have the experience and the skills to help you create, establish and grow your brand successfully. Catch More with Rusty Hook and call us today!

Branding Your Business Successfully
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