Ensure Your Website is Gold Medal-Worthy

Ensure Your Website is Gold Medal-Worthy

Written by Bre Garner on 08/11/16

Most business owners agree that having a website is essential in today’s market. After all, every single second there are over 55,677 people searching the web. What you may not realize is targeting people online goes a step further than just having an online presence. It is essential to have a GOOD website in order to capitalize on your online investment. If you were going for gold, wouldn’t you be at least a little disappointed to finish fourth? Follow these guidelines to ensure your website receives a gold medal.

The number one component of your website should be your content. You want your visitors to be able to find the information they are looking for (who you are and what you do) quickly and easily. You don’t want to bombard them with a bunch of useless information, but you do want to include as much information as possible to increase your search engine ranking.

So how do you reach a balance? Focus on clear, pertinent information for your home page, and consider adding a blog or news page for search engine purposes. This will ensure you are giving visitors what they want but also increasing your search engine ranking with frequently updated content.

In addition to having clear information on your pages, you want to be sure that your website is appealing and easy to use. Website designers call this “user experience.” You want your visitors to have a good experience when they visit your site. In addition to having good content, you should focus on having a distinct overall look. This starts with having a mobile responsive website. Mobile responsive websites automatically reformat to any device it is being accessed from. Having a clear, intuitive navigation plan is very important, while making sure you use easy-to-understand names for your pages. Don’t over-do it with clever names for your pages – stick to the basics. What is it you want your visitors to do on your site? Make sure it is easy to find. If you want your customers to purchase product from your site, have your “Store” button clearly visible and easy to reach. If you want your customers to request a quote, have a link to your “Contact Us” page situated in a location on your home page that is easily seen. Including good photography makes the overall look of your website more appealing and can help keep a visitor’s attention.

Include plenty of “attention grabbers” throughout your site. Termed calls-to-action, buttons or links that encourage visitors to click or do something are essential. One of the most effective and oftentimes overlooked marketing tool is email marketing. Have a monthly or quarterly newsletter that is sent to clients. Ensure you have an opt-in box somewhere on your site so interested customers can sign up to receive those emails.

As mentioned previously, have a link to your contact page on your home page so anyone interested in your services or products are encouraged to contact you. Give your viewers minimal information on your home page, but include links to read more on separate pages. Additionally, social media integration will help you stay connected and relevant without much work. Social media feeds allow your social media content and posts to show up on your website but – at the same time – encourage people to follow your pages. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and even YouTube allow you to promote your presence and should be an active part of your marketing plan. Adding these platforms to your website can help increase your search engine optimization, shows your audience that you are social, active, and relevant, and help increase the footprint of your business.

Set your website apart from the competition! Make it worthy of a gold medal by ensuring it has clear, relevant content, a great user experience, and plenty of calls-to-action! Integrate your social media and send out newsletters to capitalize on traffic to your site!

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Ensure Your Website is Gold Medal-Worthy
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