How Promotional Products Can Gain You More Exposure

How Promotional Products Can Gain You More Exposure

Written by Bre Garner on 08/01/16

It is a common misconception that promotional products are a waste of money; they often carry the stigma of just being thrown away or tossed to the side. So are there any benefits to using promotional products for marketing? Absolutely!

What is the #1 reason businesses market themselves? To increase customers! What is the number one way to increase customers? Brand Recognition! Every business, no matter how large or small, wants to stand out from the competition and stay top of mind of their customers. Getting creative with your marketing can ensure you are capitalizing on brand recognition and increasing brand awareness for your small business. By putting your logo on an item that your customers or potential customers use every day, you are keeping your small business fresh in their minds.

Compared to the price of printing business cards or other print material, promotional products can reach mass amounts of individuals at a low cost. Promotional products oftentimes make a lasting impact and can provide a great return on investment. Think of using Digital Marketing methods along with promotional products. Doing a giveaway on Facebook can increase likes, shares, traffic, and buzz about your business online. In addition to the online hype, that winner may take that prize home and tell their friends, spreading your business name and creating buzz among friends of customers. Having a fun takeaway with purchases or visitors to your store is a great way to say thank you but also increase your reach.

We oftentimes think of business cards as a staple business and marketing tool. While business cards will always be valuable, promotional products in the place of a business cards allows for much more creativity and originality. After all, the only purpose of business cards is to have some tangible way to pass along your contact information. Why not print your contact information on a pen, envelope opener, or even a USB Drive to give out in the place of a business card? Chances are if the product you give out is useful or unique, it will be kept and used every day.

Promotional products give you the ability to ensure repeat exposure. Having items that your customers will want to keep around or use offers you the opportunity for other people besides customers to see and notice your brand. If you give someone a business card, it goes in their wallet or in a card holder. If you give them a cup or even just a pen, they will likely use it around others. People naturally want variety. If you give out some kind of promotional product instead of the boring business cards, or have a give-away on Facebook for an awesome cooler with your logo you can count on more exposure, originality, and keeping your brand top of mind. Call us today for all your promotional product needs.

How Promotional Products Can Gain You More Exposure
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