Setting the Hook: The importance of a Catchy Logo

Setting the Hook: The importance of a Catchy Logo

Written by Bre Garner on 07/14/16

One of the most important and most widely forgotten aspect of a business is their logo. Think about all of the major companies today, all of them have a logo and all of their logos are ones you recognize and associate with their company. We are asked almost on a daily basis; Do I really need an actual logo? The answer to that question is absolutely YES!

What makes a well-designed logo? Your logo should be unique but simple. It should portray some information about your company and have a sense of meaning. Your logo should be long lasting and cater to your target audience’s interests. Your logo should create a positive, first impression. If your logo is big, ugly, or lazy, a customer might remember you as such. If you have a winning logo, it could attract a large amount of potential customers. A logo can even give a tangible aspect to a service industry or brand loyalty in products.

A logo is essential to your customers remembering your company. Your businesses’ logo is the “face” of your company. It is oftentimes the first part of your business that is recognized. The most important aspect of a logo begins with memory. A person will remember symbols and pictures long before they remember names. It actually takes an average of 3 times for a customer to visit your business before they will bother to remember your businesses’ name. With all of the large franchise and retail stores today, it makes having a memorable and well-designed logo more important for small businesses and mom-and-pop stores.

A logo can even give some clues as to what your company does or who your company is. It can give customers a sense of understanding of your morals, standards, and integrity. Logos can tell a story about who you are and what your interests may be. A well-designed logo should incorporate some images that tell or give clues about the type of business you have. A rental company may have a house in their logo while a charter boat business will likely have a fish or some aspect that relates to fishing. Having a small slogan or informational text in the logo does the same thing. If you were walking down a street and saw “Salty Catch” on the building, you may not immediately know what type of business “Salty Catch” was but if that same business sign had “Seafood Company” and an image of a shrimp, you immediately know Salty Catch is a seafood company and it is likely they sell shrimp among other seafood.

There is nothing worse than a great business that is easy to forget. Even with a well thought out business name; it will never be as catchy as a great logo! Let us help you catch more business by designing you a winning logo!

Setting the Hook: The importance of a Catchy Logo
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